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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - A Case Study

PTSD - from a road traffic accident

Emma was a 49 year old married mother of two children. She worked full time and as part of her job she drove extensively all over the UK. On average she would drive 1500 miles a week in her company car. In June last year she had a road traffic accident. Since the accident she was too afraid to drive, was very anxious, had frequent nightmares when she travelled as a passenger and was on sick leave from her employers. After 6 months she sought help. With the intervention of CBT and EMDR over the course of 6 sessions we managed to get rid of the nightmares, reduce her anxiety as a passenger and tackle her avoidance of driving. Emma has now returned to work and is again driving 1500 miles on average a week as part of her job and is now symptom free.

PTSD - from military service

Steve was a Royal Marine staff sergeant who had served in the Falklands War. Whilst on operational duty during that conflict he was blown up by a mortar. For over 20 years he had experienced a range of mild post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms and these fully returned after being blown up by another mortar during a training exercise. When he saw me he was experiencing very intense PTSD symptoms which were affecting him, his career, and most notably his family. Together we utilised CBT and EMDR to help control and finally eliminate his PTSD symptoms completely. He returned to active duty and returned to being a happily married family man.

PTSD - from sexual abuse

Trevor was sexually abused as a child by a family relative. Although he was about to get married and had thoughts about planning a family, he still felt haunted by childhood events. He was worried that the events from his past would affect his ability to bond with his children and affect their relationship. Together through the combination of CBT & EMDR we managed to reprocess his childhood trauma and allow him to enjoy the potential for family life more fully. At the end of therapy he was no longer haunted by his past.

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