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Servicemen and women are often called upon to carry out hazardous duties either in the UK or abroad. Often they are involved in traumatic events ranging from the Falklands War, Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Afghanistan and Gulf War 1 and 2, and including peace keeping duties worldwide. Sometimes some personnel develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of there experiences. Hopefully this is resolved whilst they are still serving, however sometimes it can occur after they leave the forces.

Normal mental health services have little or no experience of war trauma. This is where the York Stress & Trauma Service can help. The clinical director has 18 years of direct military experience working with personnel from all three services and the reserve services. In addition the clinical director has signed the official secrets act and therefore the information you supply about your military history will be held confidentially.

By utilising a combination of CBT and EMDR we can dramatically reduce your current experiences of PTSD, allowing you to return to your life and allowing you to get back on with living.

We have helped many ex-forces personnel, many of whom thought that they would never get any useful help to aid their recovery.

If you think we can help then please do not hesitate, either ring us on 07717 854355 or use the email enquiry form to contact us.

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