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Employee Assistance Programme

A dedicated evidenced based psychological intervention programme for employers based in Yorkshire.

What is a dedicated evidenced based psychological intervention programme for employers or Employee Assistance Programme (Employee Assistance Programme)?

An Employee Assistance Programme is a service that provides support to an organisation by identifying and resolving employees concerns that impact the effectiveness of an organisation whether the concerns originate from work or from the home. The YSTC provides Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) as the standard core interventions.

As you will know both the Department of Health and NICE recommend CBT as the most effective psychological therapy for anxiety, depression and a host of other psychological problems and they also recommend EMDR for the treatment of trauma. Trauma can include bullying, harassment, accidents and victimisation. 

We can offer your employees an appointment within 72 hours of being referred, including weekends. The first appointment acts as an assessment and start of the therapeutic intervention. To ensure continuity the clinician who carries out the assessment will also provide the therapeutic intervention. Thus minimising any disruption or delay to treatment, providing a seamless service.

CBT and EMDR are time limited, goal orientated, and problem focused psychotherapies based on helping individuals manage more effectively with their problems. This enables an earlier return to work and also provides practical therapeutic tools that they can then utilise outside of therapy. Returning to work is one of the main aims of occupational rehabilitation. As CBT is time limited it fits well into providing a dedicated evidenced based psychological intervention programme for employers.

What are the benefits to an organisation in having an Employee Assistance Programme?

Following the guidelines set out by the Employee Assistance Professionals Association (Employee Assistance ProgrammeA) an Employee Assistance Programme helps individuals, managers and organisations to:

  • Cope with work-related and personal problems and challenges that impact on performance at work.
  • Improve productivity and workplace efficiency.
  • Provide evidenced based psychotherapy interventions as recommended by NICE and Department of Health
  • Decrease work-related accidents.
  • Lessen absenteeism and staff turnover.
  • Promote workplace co-operation.
  • Manage the risk of unexpected events.
  • Position the organisation as a caring employer.
  • Recruit and retain staff.
  • Reduce grievances.
  • Assist in addiction problems.
  • Improve staff morale and motivation.
  • Provide a management tool for performance analysis and improvement.
  • Demonstrate a caring attitude to employees.
  • Assist line managers in identifying and resolving staff problems.

How will YSTC help you meet your work/life balance objectives?

YSTC will work in partnership with you, to understand what you wish to gain from the service. You may be looking to concentrate on providing a psychotherapy support line or you could be aiming to improve the work/life balance of your employees. Examples of what support YSTC can offer include providing specialised traumatic incident service, psychotherapy, return to work programmes and a range of specialist training.

How is the service monitored or measured?

YSTC monitors its service against a range of key performance indicators, including how well the service is meeting your objectives. In addition, YSTC evaluates the effectiveness of the psychotherapy process using a range of measurement techniques. Each aspect of the agreed provision is quality controlled with activcontact.phpquality at the centre of our services. We have a range of processes/systems in place to support the highest standards of clinical care for those in need. In addition, the evaluation systems ensure that we are meeting the highest standards of account and clinical management. The evaluation system ensures that we are well placed to deliver improvements where required.

Where are our Psychotherapists located?

We have a Yorkshire wide network of accredited psychotherapists which means that we are able to place individuals with experienced psychotherapists within a convenient travelling distance from their work or home.

How are Psychotherapists selected?

All potential YSTC psychotherapists are BABCP and UKCP accredited cognitive behavioural psychotherapists and have at least 5 years clinical experience. We do not employ trainees or students to undertake our work. In addition we have EMDR Consultants who undertake any trauma related cases.

How are Psychotherapists managed?

Psychotherapists are managed by a highly experienced Clinical Manager. Regular supervision is carried out by a closely managed network of experienced supervisors.

How do I find out more?

Further information can be requested via the YSTC contact page.

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